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I often think about what it’d be like if we never lost Jim Morrison at such an early age. The guy would only be turning 66 this December. Man oh man, what a huge loss. In my minds eye, I can see him, still in his worn out leather pants, more fragile nowadays and Dylan-isque up on stage doing some creative solo rendition of “The End” with some cool bongo player in the back adding some percussion. Or maybe he’d be performing with Ray Manzarek, Rob Kreiger and the rest of the Doors collecting royalties off of so many countless platninum albums through the 70s, 80, 90s, and 2000s. His music surely would have evolved with times. Morrison was just way too talented to be making boring records. Experimentation with folk, electric, rock, techno, industrial, country, and hip hop would surely be something the then acid-rocker would have dabbled in. Our whole musical culture would have certainly been different. Imagine The Doors doing an MTV Unplugged show matching something reminescent of Nirvana. You were the Lizard King, and You could Do Anything…Why’d you have to hit the bottle so hard?



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