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A topic debated for decades now. Personally, I’d give the edge to Pearl Jam. They just keep producing albums and never seem to sell out. Nirvana, on the other hand, is overrated. Granted they pretty much helped kick open the doors publicly to grunge, their music isn’t as good as PJ’s. The overall consensus leans towards Nirvana however. I guess another poll for another time would be “Would Nirvana be considered the Top Grunge Band if Kurt Cobain Never blew his brains out??????”   Think about it. Anyways, it would have been nice to see a dangerous performance lastnight at the American Music Awards, but I was let down again of yet another year of lackluster hip-hop lip sync acts. I’m wearing my worn down flannel shirt right now…peace out….


Did you hear that New York bad boy Jay-Z came up on stage last night with U2 before the kickoff of European Music Awards? That’s right, the jiggaman popped up during “Sunday Bloody Sunday” live in Berlin, Germany in front of the Brandenburg Gate giving the 10,000 fans a treat of musical brilliance. U2 arrived in their 750k-a-day spaceship, putting on a free 20 minute setlist to fans outside the venue. Both artists, neither ever shy in the past of backing down from a collaboration, showed why two musical genres, if done right, can work together in harmony. Bono, mid-song, introduces Jay as the “mayor of New York city” as he appears from the background to bust out a 40 second rhyme. HOV manages to represent his badass mofo ways by dropping the “motherfucker” bomb during his rap. Bono then goes on to scream “Wipe your tears away!” sounding peculiarly comparable to Bob Marley. Two artists, both icons for longevity in their respective fields of music, displayed why mixing and matching two types of beats into one can be a treat for any music lover.